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Join our tour guide, Mark Zurinski, for this informative walk through the museum.

The G.A.R. Civil War Museum and Library is run by the Grand Army of the Republic Memorial Association of Scranton. The various displays and books represent an invaluable historical record of one of American history’s most central events. JOIN THE TOUR…

Civil War Memorial Monuments Pennsylvania

Civil War memorials in PA

American Civil War memorials are located across Pennsylvania.

As early as 1865, Civil War veterans began placing monuments to commemorate their wartime actions. Most battlefield monuments, markers, and tablets were erected by veterans specifically for future generations to learn who did what, where, and when. VIEW GALLERY…

Support the Museum

Support the Museum

100% of your tax-deductible donations go towards the Museum’s mission

We work to collect, preserve, and present to future generations the contributions and sacrifices made by Union soldiers and their families throughout the American Civil War. Your donation ensures our preservation efforts continue moving forward. SUPPORT INFO…

GAR Museum and Library Education Opportunities


We offer educational programs for children and adults; search our library resources to identify individual soldiers and their service assignments, present background stories related to the exhibits, and interpret the events of the War to the current generation of citizens residing in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre metropolitan area. WATCH VIDEOS…

Marketplace at Steamtown

Museum Location

The GAR Memorial Association of Scranton Inc. Museum is located in the Marketplace at Steamtown. 300 Lackawanna Ave., #220 – 2nd Floor, Scranton, PA 18500

GAR Museum old books

Volumes of Civil War collection

Along with the Museum, our library includes leather-bound volumes kept behind glass containing source records, after-action reports, and regimental histories of the Civil war, from the first shots fired at Fort Sumter to the Confederate capitulation at Appomattox Court House.


Our Mission

To preserve and pass along to future generations a knowledge of the contributions and sacrifices made by Union soldiers and their families throughout the American Civil War.

Located at the Marketplace at Steamtown, 300 Lackawanna Ave., | Scranton, PA