GAR Museum
The Civil War Museum and Research Library of the Grand Army of the Republic Memorial Association Scranton, Pennsylvania

Mission Statement 

Our mission is to preserve and pass along to future generations a knowledge of the contributions and sacrifices made by Union soldiers and their families throughout the American Civil War.

We plan to accomplish this mission by providing free services to the public. We offer educational programs for children and adults; search our library resources to identify individual soldiers and their service assignments, present background stories related to the exhibits, and interpret the events of the War to the current generation of citizens residing in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre metropolitan area.

We collect, preserve, restore, and display artifacts, pictures, letters and memoirs contributed by the families of local veterans who served in the Civil War. We use those valuable resources to inspire our visitors to delve deeper into this historic event.

Many of the same objectives are achieved through the resources in another smaller section of the Museum dedicated to the Spanish-American War.


Third and Final Draft

The copy of this draft will be submitted for discussion at the next meeting of the GAR Memorial Association. Additional comments or suggestions for changes can be made at that time. Thanks to all members who contributed to the writing of this Statement.